Monday, 30 April 2012

Paris Pharmacy Haul

Finally, I've gotten around to doing my Paris pharmacy haul!
I went to City-pharma, which is (to my knowledge) the cheapest pharmacy in Paris, with the best variety. It's in the St-Germain-des-Pres area of Paris:

(Image from Google Maps)

I spent a ridiculous amount of money, but I'm very happy with everything I got. I wasn't able to photograph everything, as I photographed these when I was home at the weekend, so some of the stuff was in my room at uni.
This is (most of) what I bought:

LRP Effaclar Duo - 9.90€
LRP Cicaplast - 5.95€

They had a value pack which contained a full size Hydreane moisturiser and a mini Eau Thermal spray, for just 11.50€, so I got two.
I also got a large sized Eau Thermal spray which was 5.20€

LRP Anthelios Tinted facial moisturiser - 11.50€

Bioderma 250ml - 6.99€
Bioderma 100ml - 1.99€ (I got two of these)

Nuxe dry oil - 19.50€
Nuxe Reve de Miel lip balm - 6.90€

Embryolisse Lait-Creme Concentre (large) - 9.90€
Caudalie Eau de Beaute (small) - 8.90€
Homeoplasmine (large) - 2.99€
I had to go and que upstairs in the "non-prescription" que to get the Homeoplasmine, but I was able to pay for all of my purchases up there as well.

And I think that's everything! I'm really pleased with my purchases, and glad I was able to stock up on LRP products at a much cheaper price than they are here. So far my favourite items are probably the Caudalie Eau de Beaute and the LRP Hydreane moisturiser.
Expect to see reviews of most of these products in the future!

I had a really good experience at City-pharma and would really recommend it. It's tiny, but very well stocked. It's a bit annoying having to constantly squeeze past people with huge baskets, and it means you can't really browse properly, so I would definitely recommend deciding what you want beforehand and making out a list. One thing which impressed me was the number of pharmacists walking around in white coats, offering their assistance. I had to ask where things were a few times, and they were very friendly and helpful. I would suggest printing out your list and bringing it with you so that you can point out to the pharmacist what it is you're looking for, it just makes it easier.

Hopefully this post will be helpful to someone, I was interested to find out prices and things like this before I went to Paris, so I hope someone will stumble upon this and find it useful :)

Do you have any French pharmacy favourites? :)

-Dara :) x


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  2. Thanks, this was a great review. :)

  3. I will must go to this pharmacy when I reach at Paris. I wanna it and their all products. Pharmacy Valuation

  4. Well , I did stumble across your piece and it has been useful. I went to this pharmacy last year and as we were only travelling with hand luggage, we couldn't buy many of the lovely goodies on offer. We are going to Paris again in a couple of weeks, this time I've paid for a suitcase!

  5. Great blog! Was looking around for someone who could provide the prices of the products mentioned above and chanced upon your blog.

    1. Aw, thanks! Glad I could help! x


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